RFP, RFI, RFQ and more

Effective immediately, we have extended Procurement.Land to provide a lot more tender modes, including RFP, RFI, RFQ, and more. We have changed tender creation and settings accordingly.

Now you can create an RFP easily by removing comparison visibility for suppliers. More visibility options are available as well, so you can fine-tune an RFP easily to individual purposes.

We now offer visibility settings for the organizer in addition to visibility settings across participants, so you can define black-box tenders where the organizer can not see individual bids and participants’ documents until the tender is finished.

We have also introduced optional minimum requirements for new bids as well as requirements to additional bids in comparison to existing bids. Therefore, advanced modes like the Dutch, Japanese or Brazilian auction are now supported as well.

Puzzle Pieces

Procurement as a Service: Purchasing as convenient as never before

For many companies, indirect purchases are a no-focus area. They are tedious, have low value, and often done through catalogs instead of negotiated deals. With Procurement as a Service, simply delegate all the nitty-gritty stuff to our team, and get better terms and conditions on top of that.

You set up a purchasing request as usual. Then it is on us to find and select suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions and compare prices. You get informed and keep contol any time. Finally, it is up to you whether to buy from one the vendors, orwhether you do your purchases elswhere. No obligations at all!

As we take advantage of a large networks of suppliers and our experience with market leading vendors, you can expect better conditions and often better prices than you are used to. Start today and send us an email to paas@procurement.land.