RFP, RFI, RFQ and more

Effective immediately, we have extended Procurement.Land to provide a lot more tender modes, including RFP, RFI, RFQ, and more. We have changed tender creation and settings accordingly.

Now you can create an RFP easily by removing comparison visibility for suppliers. More visibility options are available as well, so you can fine-tune an RFP easily to individual purposes.

We now offer visibility settings for the organizer in addition to visibility settings across participants, so you can define black-box tenders where the organizer can not see individual bids and participants’ documents until the tender is finished.

We have also introduced optional minimum requirements for new bids as well as requirements to additional bids in comparison to existing bids. Therefore, advanced modes like the Dutch, Japanese or Brazilian auction are now supported as well.

Puzzle Pieces

Procurement as a Service: Purchasing as convenient as never before

For many companies, indirect purchases are a no-focus area. They are tedious, have low value, and often done through catalogs instead of negotiated deals. With Procurement as a Service, simply delegate all the nitty-gritty stuff to our team, and get better terms and conditions on top of that.

You set up a purchasing request as usual. Then it is on us to find and select suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions and compare prices. You get informed and keep contol any time. Finally, it is up to you whether to buy from one the vendors, orwhether you do your purchases elswhere. No obligations at all!

As we take advantage of a large networks of suppliers and our experience with market leading vendors, you can expect better conditions and often better prices than you are used to. Start today and send us an email to paas@procurement.land.


Presenting at Collision Conference 2015

Have a look at the most convenient and efficient solution for B2B purchases. It all happens at Collision Conference, Las Vegas, May 5-6, 2015. Find us at the Collide exhibition area. We are proud to show you how world-class companies optimize their purchasing processes and buy at better costs.

Own magazine set up for Procurement.Land

Procurement.Land now has its own magazine, published monthly and distributed electronically.

You can find the very first issue here.

Stay tuned for more. Expect news, information, studies, white papers, use cases and much more. Everybody can easily subscribe using the link at the footer of our website. We are happy to share our procurement know-how and experience with you.

Great achievement

Release 4.5 to premiere at Web Summit

Expect nothing less than great and exciting news. We have worked hard in the previous month to build a lot of improvements into our platform, including a brand new front-end which is more easy to use, provides more features and runs even faster than the current one.

Procurement.Land Release 4.5 becomes available in November for all our customers. Get a glimpse of the powerful new front-end at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin, or contact us now to become an early access member.

Web Summit Logo Dublin November 2014

Procurement.Land exhibiting at Web Summit 2014

We are proud to announce that Procurement.Land is part of the BETA programme at Web Summit conference in Dublin in November 2014. Part of our management will be on site to demonstrate the platform, provide use cases and success stories, answer questions and receive feedback.

If you happen to be there as well, just contact us. We can easily arrange an appointment.

Getting cost savings easily

Procurement.Land featured in Goalympia magazine

The August issue of the Goalympia magazine is available. Just click here to get it.

Important news include the announcement of the “Ready for Auction” service, the usage of the Procurement.Land service in complex procurement situations, success factors and impact of supplier analysis activities, and the Procurement.Land presence at the Web Summit conference, Dublin, in November 2014 where the platform is on exhibit at a dedicated stand.

Extended document sharing and distribution features

Extended document upload and distribution features

Users now have great new features to upoad and distribute documents, e.g., product specifications, call for tender collaterals, tender rules, procurement terms and conditions, and more.

We support a wide variety of document formats which can be displayed directly in the web browser, e.g. pdf documents and other widely used file formats. In case the document can not be displayed directly, users can always download it to their local computer.

With regard to improving usability, tender documents are now available for suppliers instantly with a simple click. To achieve this, we have introduced a new document section in the tender detail view. For any specific tender, this section provides a consolidated view to all documents distributed over time.

The future of procurement, as Goalympia magazine envisions

The June 2014 issue of Goalympia magazine is dedicated to the future of procurement. Click here to read it.

There are a lot of key insights towards a modern approach to procurement that invokes automated tenders and reverse auctions.